This conference constitutes a joint effort by the three Horizon 2020 funded sister projects CHANGE, LeTSGEPs and SPEAR. In our work, we not only aim at promoting (gender) equality in European RPOs; our project teams themselves are made up of a diverse group of people stemming from numerous different EU and Associated Countries, from university and non-university institutions alike.

Thus, in this online conference we want to make space for and explore the variety of perspectives on gender equality work in different cultural and organisational contexts and discuss how to achieve sustainable structural and cultural change. The goals of the conference are four-fold:

  • to join forces in the gender-sensitive design of organisational structures in European RPOs
  • to explore the cultural factors and national framework conditions supporting and/or hindering implementation of Gender Equality Plans in short-, long-term and associated EU member states
  • to reflect organisational and career perspectives related to gender equality from German university and non-university research institutions
  • to strengthen collaboration within and across Horizon 2020 sister projects with gender focus

Source: European Commission (2020):Horizon 2020. Work Programme 2018-2020. 16. Science with and for Society [Accessed: 1 June 2021].