Program & Information Day 1: November 25, 2021


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Agenda Item
1:00pm to 1:20pm

Chair: Maxime Forest, PhD (OFCE)
RWTH Aachen University Vice-Rector Sabine Brück-Dürkop (RWTH)

1:20pm to 2:00pm

Keynote speech: Taking an EU-wide look at GEP implementation
Marcela Linková (CAS)

2:00pm to 2:25pm Designing, Implementing and Monitoring a Gender Equality Plan - Practical Insights for Change Agents
A presentation by CHANGE project partners Anita Thaler (IFZ Graz) and Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins (RWTH Aachen University)

2:25pm to 2:50pm

It is all about power! - Gender and intercultural awareness in East-West-EU-Project cooperation
A reflective talk between LeTSGEPs project partners Linda Gjika (UNITIR) and Corinna Pusch (MPG)

2:50pm to 3:15pm

Supporting and Implementing Partners in SPEAR - different but same same?
Presentation and perspectives by SPEAR project partners Liv Baisner Petersen (SDU) and Sanja Bojanic and Brigita Miloš (UNIRI)

3:15pm to 3:30pm Coffee break
3:30pm to 4:30pm

Panel discussion: Culture eats strategy for breakfast? Perspectives on Gender Equality Plan (GEP) implementation from short-, long-term and associated EU member states
Chair Maxime Forest, PhD (OFCE) discusses with Marcela Linková (CAS) and project representatives Liv Baisner (SDU) from SPEAR, Tindara Addabbo (UNIMORE) from LeTSGEPs and Anita Thaler (IFZ Graz) from CHANGE

4:30pm to 5:00pm

Wrap-Up and Closure

*All times are CET.